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Baby Yoga

Baby yoga classes focus on postures specifically designed for the postnatal months by helping your body regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way. The emphasis is on strengthening the pelvic floor, the abdomen, legs and back as well as on opening and relaxing tensions in the shoulders, neck and arms.

The yoga taught in these classes is gentle and slow, giving you time to integrate the experiences of your body after birth.


What happens in a baby yoga class?

Interaction. Communication.Touch, Play and Fun! You are encouraged to get down on the floor and interact with your baby as an equal.


The physical aspect of yoga can calm you so you are more available to yourself a. you experience the present moment, something your child does automatically. This is a wonderful way to know your child. That is why it is better to do yoga with our babies instead of lifting weights or jogging. It makes us sensitive to the language of the body. The physical body can say a lot about personality and as you become attentive to your baby’s style you learn a lot about who he is becoming.


How are the babies involved?

Baby yoga classes ,offers your baby a special sequence of movements that assist in his/her postural development of the child from lying to walking. Lack of physical exercise for a baby will have the same effects as for an adult - poor digestion, constipation, emotional agitation, poor circulation and laziness.


The classes include special activities to bond with your baby and connect with other mothers. During the sessions you will be offered the choice to involve your baby in the yoga postures or have him or her near to you.


Since these classes are baby centered we will ask you to attend to your your baby's needs either by feeding, changing, holding or generally reassuring them in your presence. With the support of others, you will be able to develop a balance between doing yoga for yourself and meeting the needs of your baby.


When can I start and how long can I continue?

The classes are suitable for babies six weeks old to active crawling

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