Dear All, 
I hope you are ok and adapting to these challenging times. I hope you are healthy and stay healthy and that you experience moments of happiness, connection, sunshine.

The most important part of moving through these turbulent times is to maintain a healthy body and a calm state of mind. I started giving classes online and to my own surprise, the connection and the magic arrived. So , I invite you to join!The classes are suitable for any age or level of experience.


The important is to be present and aware of our body and breath 🙏🌸

Our sessions are twice a week. The schedule is planned on monthly basis.

For June the sessions are Monday 19:30 - 21:00 and Friday 9:30 - 11:00

For more details  contact Alexia Katsigera (+30) 6932349849 / alexiakatsigera@gmail.com

You can attend the online live sessions via Zoom and practice from the comfort of your home. Just go in zoom.us and join this address https://us04web.zoom.us/j/3526460094

In preparation for the class, connect your computer to your audio device, and prepare your mat in a position where you can see your whole body and face and from the side. It is better if there is enough light in the room so I can see you better. Also make sure the room does not have other distractions.

When you enter in the video meeting, I suggest you to click on my picture and to select "pin" so you can see me in the whole screen, and the others will be in small windows.

During class, keep your camera on. It might  be disturbing for others if people have their camera off, to see these black screens.
Please be on time, set everything 10 minutes before the meeting begins.

If you want the invitation for all of the rest of the meetings or you know which one you want to attend send me an email so I can send it to you

I hope to see you soon!!
With loving kindness,

Alexia, somayoga

Somayoga Athens

Address: Nikis 37, Syntagma

Athens, Greece

Mail: alexiakatsigera@gmail.com

Tel: (+30) 6932349849

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