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Mindfulness Challenge

5 DAY mini mindfulness challenge for the end of the year.

December's a month for reflection as we reach towards the end of 2020 and prepare for the next one.



December's also a busy time of year, and sometimes this might mean we are experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, worry and end up holding tension in the body. This year in particular, some of these emotions may already be heightened. If this how you're feeling at the moment , you are not alone. 


With this in mind and to celebrate the entering a new year, I thought of sharing with you some tools to support you in cultivating calm and ease during the holiday season in your every day life and not only in the yoga class: a 5-Day Mindful Challenge.


Mindfulness has supported me a lot this year in remaining calm, staying grounded, and being present through challenging and stressful times and being able to be there for others.


 Research shows that living a mindful life can reduce stress and anxiety. The practice of mindfulness can also help you sleep better, feel relaxed and calm, grounded, slow down the racing thoughts and find more clarity, and cultivate better understanding, and more acceptance


What & How

Through this challenge, I will share with you five, simple mindfulness tools and techniques for you to incorporate into your daily life. You will learn that mindfulness is accessible and practical. It can be done every day in as little as half a minute and be included in things you already do day-to-day. You don't need a yoga mat, or the ability to sit still in meditation in order to practice.


This challenge will be offered through e-mail. Every day between December 27th and 31, you will get an email with a simple, mindful activity to increase your presence. You can do this activity at any time throughout your day.


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