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Monday 19:30 - 21:00 (GMT +3)

Hatha yoga class in the National garden of Athens or in Somayoga studio

Thank you for registering to our hatha yoga online class. 


You can find information about this class below.

Starting time: 19:30 (This is a recurring class, join anytime)
Day: Monday

Meeting ID    352 646 0094
Passcode      278605

Thank you  and enjoy the class!


General Instructions

✦The best way to participate is with a computer as you will be able to see the speaker better.
✦ Ideally you can download the application:
✦ Once you enter the video ("meeting"), it is better to click on the video of the presenter and select the 'pin' so that you can see him in a large image continuously (if you have a mobile phone or tablet, double click on his image) .
✦ It is essential that your camera is open so that the speaker can see you clearly. Ideally place the camera in one place so that you can see it whole and from the side. Keep close what you may need (blankets, pillows, etc.).
✦ By entering the lesson, "mute" your sound. 
✦The space we choose for the practice has a sanctity. Keep your peace of mind and privacy as much as possible from the rest of the house.
✦ In case you need to leave a lesson earlier, inform the teacher before you start.


✦ Drop in: 15 euro / per class
✦ 50 euro / 4 classes per month
✦ 75 euro / unlimited classes per month
The cost is the same for live and online classes

Payment Methods

Classes must be paid in advance

Bank Transfer 

IBAN LT22 3250 0157 3110 5235


Alexia Katsigera 

Revolut using mobile number : 6932349849

Please let us know in case you make a payment by e-banking

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